Saturday, February 17, 2007

hi !
so me am online earlier today ! a report of the half day tat went by!
very irritating day to begin with met my mess owner early in the morning ! have not paid his due yet ! and he doesnt seem to understand and appreciate the plain tri=uth that wen a guy never paid him the money till 20th of a month he has no intentions of doing the same till next month right????
sad for him . sadder for me !! hehehe
then the stupid seminar. i told u na yes tat stupid thing called workshop yuck
i feel like burrying the people behind it alive with snakes around them for some exotic company
but on second thoughts i should nopt torture the snakes and should not pollute the earth right!1
the club meeti9ng in the evening is cancelled so me a free bird got harvesting at 2 pm so will finish that and off i go to my room !
thought for this day???
never see ure mess owneer in the morning his face spells doom for the rest of the day!!
tom is sunday free day again will spend it lazing around in the room ! as always !
till then cheerio!!

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