Thursday, August 14, 2008

its time. the days are numbered. the clocks ticking faster since a week now, rushing to complete the cycles so that day turns to night and the day again, in a maddening haste. soon it will be the fatefull morning. full of anticipation and anxiety, i shall turn 25. silver jubilee of my existance on planet earth. 25 years of irritating troubling enjoying celebrating crying nagging survival , in the quest for greatness and unadultrated bliss. so ? bdays come and go ud say ha?!well , the first doctrine on the path to immortal glory , is to take ureself and things attatched to therein dead seriously. so considering the potential greatness waiting to embrace moi, its justified to take the event of my birth to the next ultimate level of recognition.( sadly not many share my views on this, yet all great men were opposed severely in their times. the world will know ! but i shal not be around no??!!).
so getting back to some seriou business, the main differentiating factor ( geek-phrase number 223)between this day and ht eothers that have gone past, is that i turn old . yes the law of nature makes it imperitive for all to age with the years (except madhuri dixit . stop sniggering and concentrate on the more pressing issue on hand .)turning 25 suddnely gives me the jeepie-creepies. i shall form now on be expected to be mature, smart, intelligent, and grown up. in short, lifes all f****d up from now on dude!!!
so out goes all the fun in life. the signs are showing already. last month on a pre-bday shopping spree , i was adviced not to get too funky wid styles, tone down the colour palate to 'dignify my 25' (whatever that meant!) . a new set of regulations and rules wud now on be governing my existance in the grab of protocols for a matured life. i hate rules and i hate this new phase of life!! i am not ready to grow up. period .
is being 25 really so bad? taking stock of life so far, as i have always maintianed, i am content! if the next moment is my last , i wudnt turn into a ghost from a RGV film out to quench some unfulfilled thirst or desire. save the longing to meet lady M, i have had a fulfiling life. mor eimportantly if lifes gonna be as dumb and unexciting as it is being made out to be form now on, i sincerely pray i dont live to see it !! naah, i dont think so! i guess some instincts never die out. you cant take out silliness and downright obnoxious behaviour from me. thats what defines me. the whackiness, the quriky , moronic streak and the flamboyance of a 5 yr old showing off his new toy, is the core essence of being me! and no amount of age , advice or bdays can ever take that away from me. so all those who are ready to mutate me into a grown up serious educated posh human fool, stay away. this cookie aint gonna crumble that way !!
ooops! another days gone contemplating what lies in store for post-bday life! the clocks ticking even faster , the days becoming night in a hurry, and its time! hope i have a happy birthday !!