Thursday, March 26, 2009

the return of the blogger,,,
yes laugh your brains out but thats what i term my comeback , yet again, to blogosphere. I must say this spell of self imposed exile was a bit shorter than the earlier ones. Am sure i am learning to delink the blog posts with my mental state of affairs and keep dishing out nonsense for , well mostly , no one but me to read . lolz
iron man cometh,,
sounds like sand man coming in from spiderman 3 ? well outlook screamed the arrival of iron man advani in the PMO last week. Now now really! Takes leaps of imagination for me to fathom and digest this octogenarian taking to the high office. He has dreamt of it for long. I hope and pray he never manages to go beyond the deputy pm post that he had prior to 2004 and India shining. Aamen to that .
India shining to India achieving,,,
BJP said India was shining when it clearly wasn’t for a lot many . Congress now wants us to believe India is achieving . even now not many seem to share the dull yet un missable buzz that the grand old party is trying ti build around this notion of a growing nation on the march to duperpowerdom. From a high 9 % growth to this years projected 5 % growth , much of the achievement we had ahs been eroded off by the recession. yes we have the costliest and cheapest car being made by our own company , the largest cotton bounty in the world, the best monsoon spells in recent memory , yet what has refused to change is the fact that we still are struggling to get our growth story on track. The bubbles fast bursting for the economy, and soon the shine shall wear off our currency. Then what will the political class come up with ? Indian healing??
Bad omen on the horizon,,,
Aprils gonna be a dry month for multiplexes . yes i have talked of this to all i can see since a week now yet i cant make myself to move over this misery. No hindi releases in april coz of the producers-exhibitors strike. What on earth makes them do this injustice to film hungry delinquents like me is beyond my comprehension. Dont they have a heart? Don’t they have kids who go gaga over shah rukh and oooh la la over deepika ?? as if the Indian summer wasn’t enough to make life difficult ! any ideas to mediate and break the impasse?? Till i blog again , pray for the safe release of all hindi films on time !