Tuesday, November 17, 2009

was going thru the idiot box yesterday after a gap of 7 days! well , was pleasantly surprised that all things were the same as i had left them :P. its clished yet, a truism , that nothing changess on telly in years!!! well sony has been changing though!! almost every month now isnce may !! a revamp, a slwe of new offerings , most of which fell flat on their face just three weeks into their run time! and yet again itis changing its content!
watching sony these days makes me reach out to the phone and call the bosses there to tell them that i DO NOT wanna watch cid all thru the day! and neither does india! lol!!
but sony isnt what got me to write after such a long gap!
its big boss 3 instead! yes , that popular show on the new number one h gec colours!
yesterdays episode had the obivously gay ( id rather call him transgendered , not in a derogatory way of course) designer was crying his ( or is it her) heart out , post a fight with vindu!!

it made me cringe!! yes , i mean i agree we r indians and we wear our emotions on our sleaves and our movies are all about "family" and long long teary dialogues, yet this is taking things too far! reality tv , neednt be this irritating right? its pretty much disgusting watch grown up people bitching around , plotting against each other .
the whole idea of big boss itself, teeters on the voyvuertistic. putting a bunch of poeple from disparate backgrounds , into the same house , is traumatic. even within a family, there exist many frissions and opportunities to erupt! yet our family syste ensures that pressures are contained and tempers are minded. there are checks and limits to the freeodm one can excersise in the great indian family.
big bosse's pr managers want us tobelieve this is a replication of our now dying joint family system. then why does it have the support systems and checks absent?
why is a person like the designer , allowed to be humiliated on national television? albeit the whole episode cudve been stage managed, taking thing son face value for once, i really felt bad for the guy! i mean , as it is gays are not winning any prizes in popularity stakes all over the nation. and now this??
i wudnt say its ok for straight men or women to go up and abuse/cry/get into drama-queen mode on tv, but i guess its all the more not ok fro someone from the lgbt community! it is required that they get a national identity , but this shud be a positive one. big boss sadly is just reinforcing steroetypes and entrenching the midset that gays are worth ridicule and mockery!!

i aint no flag carrying supporter of the community , but from the pure humanitarian point of view , entirely outside the debate of lgbt vs straight society, i believe every human deserves dignity! and that is bing violated day in and day out on big boss 3!