Saturday, February 17, 2007

hi !
so me am online earlier today ! a report of the half day tat went by!
very irritating day to begin with met my mess owner early in the morning ! have not paid his due yet ! and he doesnt seem to understand and appreciate the plain tri=uth that wen a guy never paid him the money till 20th of a month he has no intentions of doing the same till next month right????
sad for him . sadder for me !! hehehe
then the stupid seminar. i told u na yes tat stupid thing called workshop yuck
i feel like burrying the people behind it alive with snakes around them for some exotic company
but on second thoughts i should nopt torture the snakes and should not pollute the earth right!1
the club meeti9ng in the evening is cancelled so me a free bird got harvesting at 2 pm so will finish that and off i go to my room !
thought for this day???
never see ure mess owneer in the morning his face spells doom for the rest of the day!!
tom is sunday free day again will spend it lazing around in the room ! as always !
till then cheerio!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

hi !! yeah this ones too for he same guys i said a hi to yes!!1
so wat did i do today??? well came to college rosa left and me was elated to the core had a great lunch a treat in parts after long long really long time recorded a few smal clips on my cell at the fc ! against the law!1 heheheh hey cell phones have zeroed down privacy into a nice piece of shit right??!! i mean like any one with a video cam on am cell can shoot jus about anything today !!! i can to!1
so wat do i do wen i need a private moment in public???
jus f#####g get out of the place??? naaa!! got to do something about all this !!
i attended a worksj\hop a very futile one! useless for me yet i had to cause me employed in the same school !! wat a waste of time!1
me sitting in a net cafe where there is no fan ! current off it seems ! i am gr8ful the nets on atleast !
god its getting hotter by the day out here!!
global warming be damned me seemsall set to perish before the seas of the earth melt down!!!
okie then rest tom! take care cyberia!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

i forgot all about it! yesterday was valentines day!1 day for love for the rest of the world indians celebrate it as tthe day to exhibit thier muscle power by vandalising shops and beaqting lovers to death!! cool haan??!!
we are different in every which way u see us!
i don have a gf yet not tat i am queer! no way ! but tat me too occupied with me career never gacve it all a thought ! and guys i guess me happy this way girls come girls go i don shed a tear1
i gues they say nop women no cry11 righto!
but there are many of my friends who would vouch for love and me too thinksd sometime tat me needs a partner! but then if iam destined to have one i shall ! hope it is real soon!!
meanwhile every v da i buy myself a sma;l treat two ice creams one for me and one for the girl who is supposed to be for me! i think in some corner of the world another girl too would be doing this and some day we both shall eat one icecream togehter!!!
hi ! whom was this hi for? myself of course and to my blog and to the few insane guys and gals who choose to waste their time reading the shit i write~
ok so today was eventful
i wore a kurta! i had a lab session early morning ! i didnt have a proper lunch and am hungry now !! and yes it was hot hot hot out here!!
me thinks me need a change very soon or me goings mad!!
me took two books from the lib1 grown ups and masterland both are kitsch typos not too intellectual stuff yet intriguing !
a welcome change from serial murders detectives and trechery i am occupied with always hehehe
coming to serial killers i think some guy in mumbai confessed to having killed 21 ! why cant he kill jus one more?? my rosa???
come on!! 21 or 22 the punishment is the same ! infact this one mruder can get him pardon for saving mankind fom rosa!
okie me bankrupt again!!! wats new int his?? well nothing but yes its news !! so me borrowing money! me thought after me starts earning me shall be better off but here i see me borrowing even now1 i got to stop spending too much!!
but i cant not in this life aatleast!
okie me signing off for today tom me got to go to the hospital for samples boring!!1
love cyberia!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

so me was behaving like a dumb lazy ass not posting a bit on the blog i created out of a whim
now i am chastened and have turned over a new leaf in my cyber life!1
got a new cell this month new job two months back lots more happening in life than wat was going on wen i started this blog of mine so i guess now i have enough stuff to write about
and yeah my blog has kind of changed tack too i mean earlier i had meant it to be a discussion board of sorts! but not any more this is my place to write about my life irrespective of whether any one reads it or not
id rather none reads it though hehehe
rosa has gone for a meeting . who rosa??
she is my boss , a spinster who should be killed for torturing the bleesed innocent souls like me hehe
na she is not tat bad me jus kidding
me in office blogging from there office hours over don know wen i9 shall leave opffice though got nothing to do but will still be at the opffice don know why !1
i painted my master piece last week its turned out to be great i have excelled beyond my imaginations !!!
i think i can take up oil painting as a side proffession i do it damn cool i guess !!
i don vouch for it all those who saw the painting do so i think i am good at it ! and there is always a chance to improcve

oi met kris yes ! nice guy kind of like him but hey he gets into india bashing more every secong minute not good i cant take tat for long though me not thinks i shall be meeeting him anyiutme again hehehe
joined vit he too! poor chap!1
okie rosa should be back any moment now i should be going i shall scrap again tom about all i did in the day!!
cherio cyberi9a!
tats wat i prefer to call u !!! cause u cant shout back at me and balk at the name i gave u hahah