Monday, August 02, 2010

Its eleven thirty in the night, and I am hungry and stimulated. Motivated, is more like it. For i just wrapped up watching Julie and Julia. Based on two true stories, the film can easily be anyone’s life story. It sure had glimpses of my own life in it.

No, I am not a girl about to enter her thirties, stuck in a mediocre life and lost. Lost, I am, aren’t we all? Each one of us is looking for something, some place, but is stuck with or at a totally different place in life. We all are looking for that hand, that one little thing to pull us out of this endless whirlpool that seems to be sucking us in, day in and day out.

So there it is, there is a Julie in all of us.

Do I have a Julia in me though? That, i aint so sure of it yet. Though I’d love to. Who wouldn’t? Being Julia is all about finding that one thing in life that gives me real joy, real happiness. That one thing, which, when I do, leaves behind a warmth in my heart and a smile on my lips. That one thing, which in the ideal world, I would be doing every single moment I am awake.

Do I have it in me to find that thing? And if I do find it, do I have the courage to grab the opportunity and take a shot at it? Will I be strong and brave enough to rough it out for a little time till things transition to the la la land where I am happy forever? Will I have the conviction Julie had to go through with recreating the recipies over one year?

The recipie to my perfect life is in sight. I have just about begun to start collecting the ingredients. All that sI now need is the will to pull through. Just like Julie and Julia had. I have the bread of my life ready, it’s time to spread the butter. The right amount, the right way!