Friday, May 30, 2008

indian civilization , has for long prided in itself for being the torchbearer of philosophy and knowledge in human race.since time immemorial ( a very very indian addition to the british lingua franca, this phrase too is loaded with philosophy!) we have been the leading intellectual think tank , spouting immense divine knowledge in the most mundane of our daily existances. as the rest of the ignorant world goes from one developmental milestone to another, we indians rest assured in the fact that one fine day , they will all turn to us for nirvana, till then we bid our time , and reinvent ways and means to keep alive this sprit of reaching out to the unknown , the eternal , the meaning of life !

as time has passed , though philosophy has remained much the same, the people preaching it , and in rare cases practicing it has changed .and who else to take on this onerous task of preserving our heritage than our very own bollywood??!! the symbol of everything tats remotely indian! so here we are , in the 21st century , wer our ages old streak of introspection and intellectual munching , is well preserved and honed by our very own hindi films! how did u ask?? ( u sure u live in india??? i hear even the moronic americans see the inner meaning in our films these days! get an appointment with the doc ;like now!! ) well read on to find out! 

sample this ,,,,,,,,,  one two three, one two three,duniya main aana hai freeduniya se jaana hai free, dekh tamasha duniya ka free!! three simple lines , in modern hinglish ( come on we all speak it , yet dont know wat it is actually called !! ) and what great thought lie burried deep in it! can nayhting else espouse the notion of boundry-less world , free of material desire and clashes therein, more simply than this? innane as it may sound ( we tend to cater to the lowest common denominator in our films u c), it puts across such a heavy idea in such an effortless manner! can the speilbergs , mel gibsons match this ?? 
no highbrow jargons for us please! we like our sermons served spicy hot and simple! the heroine cries out choli ke peeche kya hai ( let the perverted minds think wat they want , they shall repay for it in hell!!!), the whole nation burns the night oil discussing the underlying meaning in the loaded and its myraid forms get compared to natures many facets in dilli ki sardi ( pyaar tera dilli ki sardi ,). 

edutainment runs in our blood, and so we teach our kids to be careful of environmental phenomena like lightnings in style ,in verse! ( baabuji zara dheere chalo , bijli khadi yahan bijli khadi ).virtues of ciggerette smoking get promulgated thru gyrations nonstop( beedi jaliale . padosi ke chuhle se aag laile!) geography is fun when remixed ( mian aayi hun u.p bihar lootne),u name it and we have it. whats more , we have created a special genre to immortalise this special artform, enshrining ancient wisdom in aheady cocktail of modern entertainment and economics , calling it The Item Number ( seriously , we need a guiness entry for the largest new words coined in english ).

so while the ignorant mind would jus be able to see a scantily clad gilr wet in rain ( or wine , depending on the budget of the film) , gyrating to a racy tune, the actual enlightened indian mind wud be able to reach out to the hidden meaning , grasp the message , and imbibe in the sermon all in a span of a 3 min item song.and bowing down to the dictum of eqaulity of women in all walks of life, item songs serve as an employment source for many an aspiring ladies, enabling them to serve the cause of the betterment of the MANkind ( bless their souls).

 so here we are , searching the answers to lifes toughest questions , expressing the mental ruminations creatively for arts sake! thank god for bollywood , indians can rest assured of a long long future , as they say , till time immemorial yet again!

Monday, May 12, 2008

hey there
me backs with a review after long. y u asks? coz moi didnt find anything worth reviewing in bollywood of late! with madhuri back to her domicile , me sadbhootnas! lolz
well finally i seem to have broken the vow of movie-celibacy and i was right in the theatre to watch bhoothnath.
starring big b and a new kid on the block , this is a summer kiddos stuff on offer from bollywood.
to be frank , i expected it to be a stupid sentimental stash of nonsense where the mom over acts the kid over acts and as always big b over acts.! sur[prisingly , i was surprised!! and how!! bhoothnath is fun , and fun while it is on.
the story line is simple, a ghost , played with elan by amitabh, doesnt like anyone living in his erstwhile mortal home, and in come shahrukh juhi and their son into the house. th eghost tries scaring th ekid out of hte house , instead the kid befriends the ghost and starts a lovely friendship that transcends age and lo behold ! even death and after life!! trouble is not far behind , in the form of amitabh's son who wants to break the house and make a resort. is the house broken ? i leave that fro you to discover.
amitabh and the child artist share an amazing onscreen chemistry, that forms the backbone of the film. the child is adorable, naughty and real treat , while amitabh as the ghost is equally amusing. the music of hte film is a plus, making for some nice tunes and enhancing the fun quotient. the sorry song in amitabhs baritone specially stays with you long after u leave the multiplex.( an apt follow up to maa from tzp). vishal shekhar ar efast prooving to be a dependable duo. special mention should be made for the special effects that add to the fun. juhi is great as the comic mum, while srk doesnt do much ( whats with that ponytail one wonders though ??)
all in all , bhoothnath is a treat for the kids as well as the adults( the melodramatic last half is interesting if not for the cringing climax , but hey all films have flaws!). go see it on a lazy hot sunday afternoon , and pep up ure spirits ! literally!!