Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bracethy self my blog,for i am here again!

as is the wont,am back after along break .thebreak this time was less self-inflicted and more a product of unavoidable circumstances .anyways , id rather not dwell on those ,as heavier matters await my undivided attention.

of late ihave been on a path of self realisation, a phase, i am told all have, and i am long overdue!anyways out of all the churning and thinking that i have been into lately , 0ne conclusion screams its throat hoarse out at me.that i would be only as happy or as sad as i let myself be!! high thoughts those are for sure coming out of my mind, but theni think this makes sense. i have been trying to look for happiness all arround.making things work for others at the cost of my interests most of the time in the foolish hope that i ammaking someone happy and there lies real peaceofmind!!! it might for many,it doesn for me anymore ,not for now atleast

soi am out of a bad situation. ( it was bad but had its high points!!)and am starting afresh , on a clean slate!hoping that i do not repeat the foolhardiness that i wasuptothe last time.

in pursuit of happiness,i set along anewjourney. the past isneither forgotten norforgiven, yet asthey say, living on inyesterdays wouldnt secure my tommorrows!!