Thursday, February 15, 2007

i forgot all about it! yesterday was valentines day!1 day for love for the rest of the world indians celebrate it as tthe day to exhibit thier muscle power by vandalising shops and beaqting lovers to death!! cool haan??!!
we are different in every which way u see us!
i don have a gf yet not tat i am queer! no way ! but tat me too occupied with me career never gacve it all a thought ! and guys i guess me happy this way girls come girls go i don shed a tear1
i gues they say nop women no cry11 righto!
but there are many of my friends who would vouch for love and me too thinksd sometime tat me needs a partner! but then if iam destined to have one i shall ! hope it is real soon!!
meanwhile every v da i buy myself a sma;l treat two ice creams one for me and one for the girl who is supposed to be for me! i think in some corner of the world another girl too would be doing this and some day we both shall eat one icecream togehter!!!

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