Thursday, February 15, 2007

hi ! whom was this hi for? myself of course and to my blog and to the few insane guys and gals who choose to waste their time reading the shit i write~
ok so today was eventful
i wore a kurta! i had a lab session early morning ! i didnt have a proper lunch and am hungry now !! and yes it was hot hot hot out here!!
me thinks me need a change very soon or me goings mad!!
me took two books from the lib1 grown ups and masterland both are kitsch typos not too intellectual stuff yet intriguing !
a welcome change from serial murders detectives and trechery i am occupied with always hehehe
coming to serial killers i think some guy in mumbai confessed to having killed 21 ! why cant he kill jus one more?? my rosa???
come on!! 21 or 22 the punishment is the same ! infact this one mruder can get him pardon for saving mankind fom rosa!
okie me bankrupt again!!! wats new int his?? well nothing but yes its news !! so me borrowing money! me thought after me starts earning me shall be better off but here i see me borrowing even now1 i got to stop spending too much!!
but i cant not in this life aatleast!
okie me signing off for today tom me got to go to the hospital for samples boring!!1
love cyberia!!

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