Friday, February 16, 2007

hi !! yeah this ones too for he same guys i said a hi to yes!!1
so wat did i do today??? well came to college rosa left and me was elated to the core had a great lunch a treat in parts after long long really long time recorded a few smal clips on my cell at the fc ! against the law!1 heheheh hey cell phones have zeroed down privacy into a nice piece of shit right??!! i mean like any one with a video cam on am cell can shoot jus about anything today !!! i can to!1
so wat do i do wen i need a private moment in public???
jus f#####g get out of the place??? naaa!! got to do something about all this !!
i attended a worksj\hop a very futile one! useless for me yet i had to cause me employed in the same school !! wat a waste of time!1
me sitting in a net cafe where there is no fan ! current off it seems ! i am gr8ful the nets on atleast !
god its getting hotter by the day out here!!
global warming be damned me seemsall set to perish before the seas of the earth melt down!!!
okie then rest tom! take care cyberia!

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