Saturday, May 26, 2007

chalo har friday ek review atleast ka idea aaya hai ! so aaj se hi shuru karte hain!
boys take time to grow into men! sometimes 64 long years too!! says neena to buddha!!
for a man marriage is a license to sex , while sex is the price a woman pays for marriage , and this is the deep philosophy of life! says buddha to neena!!
well cheeni kum is all this and more!!
a delightfully sugar less yet sweet movie , tackilng an awkward issue with elan!
the story line is simple, buddha is a chef at an indian eatery in london , and he gets into a fit of rage over an extra ounce of sugar in hyderabadi zafraani biriyani, which neena returns in his hotel after ordering it! and seeing neena he also falls in love with her! the mutual feeling of love is evident , but in comes neen's dad who is against the relationship! stale ?? wats new u ask??
aaah!! the catch here is neena is 34 yrs old, while buddha , at 64, is 6 yrs elder to neenas dad!!!

tabu , as neena, is magnificent. a worthy followup to her act in the namesake, she lives up the epithet of the thinking man's sex symbol! yeah she plays the role to the hilt!amitabh , yet again , is out to break all taboos in bollywood as far as age is concerned,( as if there are any left tat he alredy hasnt!) and packs in a punch! paresh rawal is competent but the script lets him down!
debutant director balki does a neat job , but the writer in him needs some homework, as the movie though had a great idea, at one point it did seem to sag! a much tauter script could have immensly added to its fortunes at the box ofice!

the movie proudle espouses the fact that life can begin for some at 60 , while juxtaposing this with the small girl who is dying of cancer , for whom life never is gonna reach beyond a few more years. the irony works and does not take away from teh overall sweet feel of the film. and also watch out for witty one liner's and the tongue in cheek remark on police not arresting satyagrahi's if they sit on hunger strikeas!! some groups are gonaan wreck their heads on tat one for sure!
overall a treat to watch, this sugar free desert is a delight!!

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