Wednesday, July 04, 2007

they are at it again. sullying the highest democratic office in the country that is . as if the opposition had nt slung enough goabr and mud on patil , the congress too has joined in the free for all! gosh these people. they will never learn decency.
one fact though , that hits me right in the head is that neither patil now shekhawat look prez-material. u know, like mallika does look item bopmbish , but not neha dhupia ? got my point?

kalam , though not my ideal prez ( sorry rest of the smsing indians, i beg to disagree with my brtheren on this one at least) , was kinda cute! that impish walk, that loony hair do, that toothy smile , and that hell of a brain on the shoulders of a frailing old frame made for some bombastic electic presidentential imagery. never did my generation ( pardon me if i forget to include a few in to this ) get such a role model . his ways were emulated by all. his sermons from the ramparts of our democratic institutions were people frendly , mass-centric and spoke a lingo that many understood. indeed kalam's legacy would be his charm, his accessibility and his receptiveness.

what will his successor have in store for us? judging by the way things are turning up in the race to the first address of the nation,, all my hopes are down .

lets get to it case wise. what do we learn from patil? that mughals spoilt indian wmone by putting a cloth on their heads??? mughals are long gone ms. patil, so why then is ure pallu still on ure head?!! yes, she cam teach us how to open a bank, go bankrupt and yet not fall down on to the streets. and ofcourse , considering she belongs to the party of the faithfull's , she will teach us undying loyalty to madame M.

as for the other candidate, the ageing old willy shekhawat ji, his affiliations to the party of insane crazy fanatics are enough to keep him at eons away from the top job. sadly that aint gonna be the case. in a classic choice between the devil and the dark sea, our colliegiate ( themselves no less crooked) is gonna choose the next prez of our country.
the choice is between a lady , poker faced , crooked toothed , and with a mindset of the fifties, and a guy equally evil faced tainted with communal blood of his country men .
but what the hell, its just a ceremonial post , i am told. unlike the US indian prez has no major role than being a rubber stamp. does that mean any one will do for the top job ?
why not the beggar outside my house here? he doesnt steal, doesn ask his wife to do purdah cause the mughals taught us so, nor does he bother that his fellow begging mates are muslim or hindu . for that matter , why not me? at least they wil have a smarter english educated guy out there. !!

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