Tuesday, July 03, 2007

past week my mobs been raided , and this is a catastrophe in addition to my friends mail id 's being hacked. either this , or all my frends have turned full time marketing executives ( wat a solution to global unemployment! ) for nothing else can explain the uninhibited surge of msgs and mails to vote .
VOTE for the TAJ, vote for who is the next prez vote whether india can rub off tis dark days from its cricketing slates. vote vote and again vote.
frankly i have nt yet excersised my adult franchise in this democracy of ours. and already i feel fatigues , after voting for everything possible under the sun! and jus as voting for the electuions yeilds resultstat i don want, voting on my mob gives me outcomes tat i abhor. whats more they cost me too!
television news channels and the omnipresent media is to be blamed for this atack on my grey cells and thumbs , is wat i learn from experience. on an overdrive these days about anything that is worth mentioning on national tv ( trust me that list includes everything , even what u do behind closed doors in a loo , if u own a mobile with a camera) . good , seems like people are actually trying to think , ponder over weighty issues and cast a vote , or rather voice an opinion. but are htese issues worth the mass mobilisation being enacted?
shilpa shettys disgrace and eventual repositioning as an idol didnt find india a permanent seat at the un. taj being left out of a bogus l;ist of new seven wonders doesnt diminish its value as a marvel of mankind's creativity. and any number of msgs to get kalam back at raisina hills will not stop patil from sullying it with her past baggage of constitutional undoings. so whats the point?
why cant we channelise all this public support in form of mails and sms towards causes like helping fight injustice to victims of dam projects and SEZ'z? why cant the smae mobile and email be used to fight corruptionj ? why cant the national media think of better issues to tackle and play the role of a communicator between the masses and their deaf govt.?
may be the media can . may be we can force them to resume their role of a public watchdog keeping an eye on the govt. and not on the people. may be we can. lets vote and see . wat say u ??

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