Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday the 13th is unauspicious they say , and it indeed turned out nightmarish for me , cause i chose to watch naqaab, the disguised intentions.
abbas -mustaan, the dua in white are back with a pot boiler thriller, the most shocking thrilelr of the year says the promo! bobby and akshay out to repeat th humraaz charm , along with new comer urvashi, and the king of quikie thrillers abbas mustan, togehter have floundered on this one!
the movie is about a rich guy, bobby, in love with a poor gal urvashi , both ar engaged , wen in walks a struggling actor , akshaye, who makes her fall in love with him. The bride duly runs away on her wedding day from bobby to akshaye and alls well u think. was this not supposed to be a thriller???
yes of course , and the directors seem to have realised this fact as an afterthot , and thus while ripping off hollywood flop DOT THE I, decide to give it a thriller touch. wish they could hav copied the suspense too from the original. what follows is a bizzare twist of events that in true bollywood style , defy all logic and sense.
the characters in the film have no background , are irritating , nd shabbily sketched. particularly irritating is the camera fetish that every guy in the film seems to be addicted to. the biggest let down for the film is the non existant storyline. the proceedings of the first half of the film , we are told post interval, was actually a reality cinema that even goes on to win the cannes! innanity at its worse i would say!

as for the actors , the less said the better . booby looks like in need for a massive liposuction and tummy tuck surgery, ditto akshaye khanna! and the newcomer urvashi, its imposible to miss her striking resemblance both in terms of acting non-skills and looks , to amisha patel! sad but while amisha is still languishing for a foothold people have already started replacements with her lok alikes! doomsday nearing for bollywood!!

if 36 china town was a dissapointment , naqaab disguised intentions is a total no-show!
the most shocking thriller of the year it said, i am still recovering from the rudest shock of my life!

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