Friday, December 07, 2007

and finally the movie is out ! aaja nachle hit theatres all over and in style! complete with controversy and hype!! is the film worth your moolah ?? the most anticipated comeback of the decade , does madhuri live up to the expectations ??
well she sure does. but not the movie!
tat doesnt mean to say tat the films bad. but yes it shud ve been much much better.
dia , a choreagrapher returns to the village she ran away from breaking all bonds , to see her dying dance guru. he dies but leaves her with thetask of saving her old theatre from being raised down into a glittering new age mall. and thus dia take son th etask of making her town folk dance to her tunes to save ajanta thetre.
the film no doubt has its heart in the right place. a sweet and endearing feel , where nothing goes awry for too long, where no problem exists widout a quickfix solution is where the story unfolds.and added to this is the premise of dance.
and dance is wat madhuri does like no one else!!! her form her grace her agility has to be seen to be believed. all these years of mumhood havent diminished an ounce of that now legendary smile and charm. half an hour into the movie and u realise that she is the last female superstar india will have!!
the movie also has an ensemble cast ! each character is brought alive by the actors who plunge deep into the roles. konkana specially shines in the role a village rustic. so do the others.
but what fails aaja nachle is the inept direction . anil mehta seems to have thot that having madhuri alone is enuf to make a film.
the screenplay is failed by the lack of directorial support. madhuri , the actors, and music make aaja nachle engaging!
and the film conclusively prooves that she is the only indian heroine who can carry a full film on her own shoulders without a hero to supprot. the film is completely centred on her , and she breezes thru her role!
watch aaja nachle to see magic unspool on celluloid. they don make like her anyomre up there!!

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