Tuesday, October 30, 2007

so how long has it been since u fell in love at first sight? wen was the last time love hit u gently like a breeze, assuring u tat alls good in life if loves beside u ? wen was it last tat u saw a love story and came out thinking of that first itme u met ure partner??? if it was ages back , its time to relive those moments , yeah its time to catch the latest kareena shahid starrer jab we met!
its seldom tat love stories are made sans cliches , villians and explicit intimacy and in ure face sex? jab we met comes as a whiff of fresh air , and steals ure hearts away from the word go.
the premise is old, a talkative bubbly lively girl , and a silent introverted guy, meet on a journey , a comedy of errors ensues , and cupid strikes! wat makes jab we met different ,is the treatmetn , and ofcourse the fresh new kareena and shahid pair!
now now the lead couple have done films together earlier and ended up looking like brother sisters lost in the kumbh, but this is thier first outing in a out and out romantic film, and both make u go weak in the knees wid thier cute pairing. add to that director imtiaz ali ( socha na tha fame ) and jab we met is a winner.
performances wise kareena is in top form, the roles tailor made for her , and she uses the chance to make it into the career defining role tat eluded her all these years. slimemr , mature and more confident of her craft, she is the soul of the film. shahid too shines, and delivers the goods effortlessly. cute funny lines, witty dialogues , and innovative situations make the film delightfully entertaining.
a must watch for all this season , jab we met is recommended like hot coffee in winters!!!

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