Monday, November 10, 2008

obama has made history by winning the polls in the big apple! his win has kind of brought the dark-skinned minorities in america into the mainstream , though how different would his presidency be from bush is what only time can answer, given the fact that bush has mangled american policies beyond recognition! while the whole world is rejoicing at this groundbreaking turn of events in the land of immense opportunities, india, the superpower in themaking, is busy analysing whom can it count upon to be her own obama. well , we ape everything from americans, so we ought to have our own version of obama for sure!
now to find our own obama, we need to first understand what he represents. as an afro-american, he represents those millions of immigrants who reached american sopil in search of a better livelyhood and life, in the hope of freedom liberty and equality that amercia promised but seldom deliverd. in this respect , india is not very different. for she too has a large populace who stayed on or came hoping for equality and yet have been marginalised in teh society. by this yeardstick, looking for an indian obama would possibly yield results if we looked at our immigrant communities. first that hits my mind is sonia gandhi. an italino-indian, marginalised in herown family while ehr hubby and mom in law were alive, sidelined in her own party while kesari and co ruled the roost, and now the power behind a turbaned buffon , running the reigns of the nation by proxy thru knee jerk reactions to huge problems . in her i guess not only do we have a minority leader, we also score on the women's lib bit! but sadly i guess while obama latched on to the opportunity that life gave him, sonia missed the bus the day she sacrificed at the behest of that now famous voice of ehr inner soul.
that leaves us with the other fav immigrants down south. the tigers! tamil beacons of hope finding empathy with alomst everyone living in the indian territory of the language.savef romt he glitch that they assasinated one of our pm's, the tamil tigers stand a huge chance of giving us our own obama.(they also gave srilanka her own osama u c, they are dependable).

moving on in our search , its highly recommended that in view of indian vastness and diversity, we include many others in the probable lists of obamas. this needs us to look at the other side that obama himself embodies. a minority enslaved and the recieving end if deep seated racial hatred , he has to overcome many odds to reach the white house. so should an indian sc/st/obc not be equated with him? we dont kill for race, we kill in the name of caste. and so we have the likes of kanshiram (had he known obama wud dothis he wudve postponed his demise am sure) , and now mayawati fit the bill this way. rich now, poor yesterday, illitrate then the same now, powerless then , powerfull to the point of arrogance today, and a woman. what more does india want in her answer to the black american prez?!
a muslim pm did anyone say ? now tat i think wud be a very interesting scenario. for undoubtedly muslims are a minority that has been much neglected in the nation. but who woudl have the couraget o accept this? whih political outfit would actually publicly accept that muslims were taken for a ride by them and a\do ammends by iomplying the sacchar committee report? none! and so its next to immpossible for us to dream of a muslim obama. not only this , obama himself once in teh hot seat would develop the hatered that white hosue has for islam sooner than later. and we being strategic "partners" we cant have a muslim head of state!
that leaves just one name in my mind who can eb india's answer to obama!! and tat is rakhi sawant! she was poor, marginalised( all indian women are per se ), illiterate(she still is), oppressed( on account of her well-endowed assets) , jeered, ridiculed (out of sheer jelousy ) and ofcourse a controversial past ( tats our indian pre requisite to make to the natons top office). and whats more , we win femeinst brownie points for having both a lady prez and a lady pm ( now wudnt tat be awesome, both together watching balaji serials while the nation goes to dogs? am sure the jobless prez of ours must be looking forward to this). yeah i am sure rakhi is the IT girl( in other terms too) . india need not look too far for her own obama! albiet we should now call her obami!

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