Saturday, June 16, 2007

time for a review!!!
and this time its jhoom barabar jhoom!!! verdict---STAY AWAY!!!
well abhishek preity! bobby and lara, director of bunty and bubli, yash raj films banner , and shankar ehsaan loy for music!! spellls magic and box office success no??!!
NO!! all tat jhoom barabar jhoom(jbj) spells is DISASTER !!!

to start with , the story line looked promising , two strangers at a london railway station,waiting to recieve their fiances ., talk over a cup of coffee and newspaper , and voila , cupid strikes and they are in love!!! seeing htis in the promos made on anticipate a nice romantic comedy of errors! alas, only if we could judge a film by its trailor.
the plot of jbj never moves beyond the railway station. the two strangers, alvira khan ( preity , looking oh so gorgeous ) and ricky thukral (abhishek his bad days start post marriage) meet , share how they met their respective fiances steve ( bobby doel , looking jaded ugly and desperately in need of a trip to the nearest saloon) and anaida ( lara , well u cant expect more than this from her) , in the course sing three songs , and intermission !! tats it
post interval, u are told by an intruding amitabh looking hillariously sad in a gypsy get up , tat cupid has struck between preity and abhi. god , is amitabh tat poor to do roles like these??
and then comes along the twist in the tale! i shall keep the twist for u to savour if at al u decide to waste ure time on this nonsense!
the story never takes off, marred by constatnt intruding never ending songs. infact it would have been better had the producers and director jus made a string of songs and left it at that!
the movie is gaudy, uses london landscape to belittle indians there. its an insult to assume that indians settled abroad specially in london would care for marriage and jharokha dance competeion in gaudy attires at south hall. specially when indian diaspora has proved its mettle.
the film is an assault on sensibilities and an insult to logic and reasoning.
bobby and lara , well are out of work so are pardoned the crime of signing this film, but one does wonder wat made preity and abhi do this?? tat too at the prime of their careers!
.fans expect better judgement from them .
all in all an utterly avoidable peice of extravagant nonsense, tats wat jbj is all about!!!

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